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Corporate Childcare

Did you know it can be challenging for working parents to balance work and childcare? The demands of managing both can be difficult.  Often parents are forced to make tough decisions on a regular basis when they do not know how or where to access affordable, reliable childcare in a pinch. Many parents have no option but to take on the responsibility themselves. Research shows:


  • 83% of parents would leave their job for another one with better family benefits
  • 20% of employees take a leave of absence or quit their job because of childcare
  • 33% of people miss key work deadlines because of childcare demands


This family dilemma can result in an organization’s productivity being impacted. Nannies of Louisiana (“NOL”) offers a solution for employers! NOL provides childcare options for working parents (employees) through their employer. Employees can book backup care at a moment’s notice. Vetted childcare professionals will come into their homes and provide as-needed childcare. NOL Corporate Care is not only an answer to this balancing act, but an employee retention benefit and an incredible investment for employers to attract new talent.


Have you considered providing a childcare service to your team? Contact us NOW to learn more – 225-800-2517!

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